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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Was Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) Lying on The House Floor Today Or Is She Too Stupid To Remember (Please Vote)

Every day Sheila Jackson Lee fights with people like Barbara Boxer and Hank Johnson to prove she has the lowest IQ in congress. However when she spoke out against the bill to sue Barack Obama on the house floor today and said there was never a Democratic Party attempt to impeach George W. Bush, I couldn't tell if she was lying or too stupid to remember.

Her words today were:
I ask my colleagues to oppose this resolution for it is in fact a veiled attempt at impeachment and it undermines the law that allows a president to do his job. A historical fact: President Bush pushed this nation into a war it had little to do with apprehending terrorists. We did not seek an impeachment of President Bush, because as an executive, he had his authority. President Obama has the authority.

Granted it was over six years ago and she is of feeble mind, but it is all in Govtrack (it's in as well).

in June 2008  Dennis Kuchinich introduced H.Res.1258 a bill to Impeach "Dubya" for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Lo and behold when you look at the eleven co-sponsors of the bill Sheila Jackson Lee's name is on it.

So I ask you dear readers was Ms. Jackson Lee be succumbing to her low metal capacity when she said the Democrats never tried to impeach Bush 43? You know--something like the time she stood on the floor of the house  discussing how North and South Vietnam are living peacefully side by side, even though there hasn't been both a North and South Vietnam since Gerald Ford was President.

Or was Sheila Jackson Lee just being a liar?  Please vote below and help me decide.

Was Sheila Jackson Lee being stupid when she said the Dems never tried to impeach "Dubya," or was she just lying?
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Israel’s Operation Defensive Edge: Justified, & Long Overdue Total Warfare Against Terrorism

Guest Post by Steven Kurlander

It’s been a number of days since Israeli troops entered the Gaza Strip and began its operation to stop Hamas from attempting to destroy the Jewish state one rocket at a time and there’s no end of the fighting in sight.

As each day passes, Israel’s “Operation Defensive Edge” is in fact materializing into a bloody, devastating war.

The end result is becoming more certain: Israel will, and should not, stop in its politically incorrect all out war against a Hamas that bases its war strategy on placing its population as human shields both to stop the more humane Israelis from totally crushing them militarily and to win a corresponding cynical public relations battle that has fueled a new wave of anti-Semitism in the western world.

We Americans need to man up in our support of the Israelis.

Despite our ongoing uber liberal weakness to stomach mass civilian casualties in the conduct of war (born out of our defeat in Vietnam and matured by our half-assed military and political efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan), Americans, and the Western World, needs to recognize that when it come to the survival of a nation, and not just loss of territory, total war is justified, particularly when the civilian population that is being destroyed is part and parcel in supporting the ideology and encouraging such warfare (much like our southern population during the Civil War).

The whole idea of precision warfare in terms of delivering ordinance and avoiding civilian casualties can’t apply in all theaters of war, and the Gaza Strip is one of those battlegrounds where it needs to be obliviated and its civilian population be made refugees in other countries in the region.

The Obama Administration’s reaction to the fighting was so predictable. Secretary of State John Kerry, whose failed and rather stupid conduct of foreign policy in the Mideast has resulted in a meltdown of civilization in the region, in fact has become practically an Ambassador of goodwill for Hamas in his pathetic effort to broker a cease fire between the combatants.

Instead of encouraging the Israelis to obliviate Hamas, which would send a strong message to other terror groups and governments that the growing wave of terror by rockets building in the 21st century won’t be tolerated, the Obama Administration has joined the handwringing about the poor civilians losing their lives in Gaza (and sadly not so much on Israeli soil).

Press Secretary Josh Earnest recently went on record castigating the Israelis, stating, “there is more (Israel) should do” in their conduct of war that is resulting in civilian casualties in Gaza.

In response, former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. to “strong objection” to Earnest’s remarks, arguing that the Israelis are “doing a superhuman job to avoid casualties.”

No matter how the Israelis conduct this “operation,” which is a total war of survival, it can’t win on the the inhumane casualty war on the CNN front-and shouldn’t care about it either.

Hamas, and its supporting population, shouldn’t be allowed to exist anymore in the Gaza Strip.

And Obama and Kerry and their fellow weak kneed followers need to follow Hamas’ fellow brothers, who have stepped back from supporting their cause in this round of war, and stop castigating Israel in its effort to form a justified no man’s land in the Gaza Strip.

The Israelis, and America too, have reached the point where we must recognize, no matter how it looks on cable news, that once in a while, barbaric and unrestrained warfare is justified and even righteous in the conduct of human civilization.

For All Supporters of Israel--->Must Read PJ Media Section

PJ Media has created a new section of its website devoted to powerfully showing the inhumane tactics Hamas is using in its war with Israel. The first post is a comprehensive piece entitled "14 Ways Hamas Weaponizes Women, Children, and Animals Against Israel.”
 Although in 2005 Israel gave up Gaza to the Palestinians in a naive "land for peace" unilateral withdrawal, the result was not peace but rather over 10,000 rockets fired from Gaza at Israeli civilian communities. Here we show how Hamas and other groups weaponize Palestinian civilians and institutions to attack Israel.
I read it and learned a lot. You should read it too....Click Here to go to the opening page.

Don't Demand An Israeli Cease-Fire-->Hamas Has Violated Seven Cease-Fires in 15 Days

Operation Protective edge began on July 8th. One week later on July 15th a ceasefire initiated by Egypt which was supported by most of the international community, including the Arab League was accepted by Israel. Had Hamas respected this ceasefire, Israel would not have had to start its ground operation and much loss of life on both sides would have been avoided. That was the first ceasefire violated by Hamas.

Including that first one Hamas has violated seven cease-fires in 15 days
  • July 15: Israel accepted the ceasefire initiated by Egypt and stopped all fire at 09:00. However, terrorists fired more than 50 rockets at Israeli communities. Only after six hours of continuous rocket attacks did the IDF respond.
  • July 17 Israel agreed to a five-hour humanitarian ceasefire. The terrorist organizations rejected it and fired rockets, including at the city of Be'er-Sheva.
  • July 20: Israel approved a two-hour medical/humanitarian window in the area of Shejaiya, following an International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) request. Forty minutes after the ceasefire began, Hamas violated it. Nevertheless, Israel implemented the ceasefire, even extending it for two more hours.
  •  July 26-27: Israel respected an UN-requested humanitarian ceasefire from 08:00-20:00 on Saturday, 26 July. Israel announced its readiness to prolong the ceasefire until midnight, but a few minutes after 20:00, Hamas renewed firing rockets at Israeli civilians. espite Hamas’ continuous fire, Israel decided to extend the humanitarian ceasefire a second time, from midnight Saturday to midnight Sunday.
  • July 26 Part 2: On the same day (26 July), Hamas announced a 24-hour humanitarian ceasefire, at 14:00. Hamas violated its own ceasefire a short time later.
  • July 28:  Israel accepted Hamas' request for a ceasefire in honor of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr. The IDF was instructed to cease military attacks, but Hamas continued to launch rockets at Israel.
  • July 30: Israel announced a temporary humanitarian ceasefire between 15:00-19:00. A few minutes after the ceasefire began Hamas fired rockets at the southern cities of Ashdod and Ashkelon, as well as other Israeli communities.
So Mr. President and Mr. Secretary-General, next time you want to demand a cease-fire look to Gaza, because Israel has tried cease-fires about every other day since July 15th, each time Hamas decided to send more rockets into Israel communities. 

Three Israelis Killed In Booby-Trapped Gaza UNRWA Medical Clinic. Where's The UN Complaints?

Three IDF Soldiers were killed and 15 others were wounded while trying to safeguard an UNRWA clinic while their unit was destroying a terror tunnel today. The Tunnel itself was built inside the medical clinic and clinic building was booby-trapped.

The Maglan unit had sent in sniffing dogs and a small robot into the building as a precaution, and a small robot to minimize damage to the clinic, prior to detonating the charge that would destroy the tunnel whose entrance was found inside the building. But the building was lined with explosives which detonated bringing the building down on the solders. Two explosive devices were detonated against the soldiers, one from within the tunnel and a second one that was concealed within the clinic.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) facilities have become death traps in Gaza, with three of the agency’s schools proven to be weapons storage facilities for Hamas and allied terrorists.

Don't however expect to hear a peep out of the UN or the MSM about the use of UNRWA building for terrror.